How to force_verify with Twitch Authentication Node Sample?

Im using the Twitch Authentication Node Sample from GitHub (access on 25.10.2020) and want to add the parameter “force_verify” so that the user doesn’t log in automatically. Is this possible and if how?
(I could embed the code here, but it’s on GitHub anyway)

That example uses the passport Twitch strategy.

A brief read of the passportJS docs it seems that it doesn’t support it.

As per my example(s)

You just add force_verify=true to the URL you redirect the user to Twitch with



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It’s not beautiful nor recommandable (I think) but I found to way to easily do it with the sample. Simply add to the parameter authorizationURL “…?force_verify=true&” ( and it worked for me. Thanks for your input, didn’t thought of this before.

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