How to get a broadcaster ID?

I want to pass a commercial in my channel through discord with a command, but I need a broadcaster ID, I don’t found, some peoples says that this ID is the same of user_id, but don’t work, shows this

error":“Bad Request”,“status”:400,“message”:“broadcaster_id and user_id do not match.”}

Someone can help me?

This is correct. A broadcaster ID, User ID, Channel ID, they are all the exact same thing, they are just called slightly different things to differentiate them based on the context of the API request.

To use the Start Commercial endpoint ensure that you’re using a User Access Token from the user whose channel you wish to start a commercial on going through your apps OAuth flow, and including the channel:edit:commercial scope.

If the ID of who the token belongs to doesn’t match the broadcaster_id that you’re attempting to start commercials for then you’ll get an error as you need to use the token from that channel with the appropriate scope.

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