How to get access token?

I have my client ID. but How do I get the access token ? I remember it was a cURL command…

The Authentication docs have all the info you need on the various auth flows:

Which auth flow you need depends entire on your use case.

I only need for helix/streams. I dont find that there :confused:

Then you can just use an App Access Token, which is generated through the client credentials flow

I get 404 with this URL:

As documented you need to make a POST request, you did a GET request

1) On your server, get an app access token by making this request:

    ?client_id=<your client ID>
    &client_secret=<your client secret>
    &scope=<space-separated list of scopes>
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thanks it worked. I Get:


is this in seconds ? only 2 month ?

yes in seconds.

And yes around 60 days

You’ll then need to get a new token in the same way you got this first one

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