How to get all games played in a vod via Helix

I probably have missed something, but with Kraken i could for example do:

And it would return game_changes for that vod. Have i just completely missed a comparable thing in Helix?

Sorry if this question is trivial, im not that experienced with these things.

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You don’t

Additionally the kraken API you refer to is undocumented/unsupported and could change or break at any time.

Only endpoints listed in

Are supported, to which markers is not in there (under V5) and there is no helix equivalent as it’s not in v5

Isn’t it weird that your migration documentation states the following:

While you can migrate from v3 to v5, know that v5 is deprecated and will be shutdown in the future. We prefer that you migrated directly to the new Twitch API.

But I can’t find the game that was played using the “new” Helix VOD Api? I could be wrong but in my opinion this is quite the necessary reference.

Are there any plans on adding this in the near future? I chose Helix because the V5 migration told me this would be best. Now I am stuck with an API that does not provide me with the information I need.

edit: I’ve solved the issue using the Kraken (V5) Api for now, hope to find it in the Helix Api some day!

Helix is expected to have feature parity with v5 before v5 is removed.

For a bunch of cases you can’t go v3 to helix as helix doesn’t have everything yet.

Additionally the markers API in kraken is Undocumented/unsupported so it may not get moved over.

Markers should be requested as an additional API endpoint as it’s not documented/unofficial can change or break at any time.

Gotcha, thanks.

For now I request the VOD using both Helix and Kraken to be able to get the “game” property and then request the game with the game name Kraken provided. Little bit of a dirty fix, but it’ll do for now :slight_smile:

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