How to get API token without 2FA

I want to get an API token so I can connect vr streaming overlay to my twitch account.

My issue is that this requires me, to enable 2FA which is impossible cause I don’t own any device where I could install an authenticator app.

How can I get that token without 2FA? Or how do I get an VR chat overlay using open source software without requiring such a token?

You don’t need 2fa to get a token via and oAuth loop.

Do you mean you need 2fa to get a clientID/Secret from the console Twitch Developers ?

There is no way around this requirement for security reasons.

A phone number shouldn’t be require, just a device that can do 2fa without a phone. But it’s been a while since I looked at how Twitch does it, so I don’t know what twitch does or does not support here.

Twitch should provide the QR code/code to copy/paste into a 2fa app. And authy itself provides a desktop/computer app (but iirc that needs a phone to sign up as the phone is the back to 2fa)

Ask the developer of that software to see what the alternatives are.

A quick look suggests that don’t host it for you, just provider the software to download and run yourself, hence the need for your own clientID/secret

It may support using a token generators clientID/token but I don’t know enough about this project or how it works to know for sure.

Okay I didn’t think of desktop apps cause that kinda defeats the purpose of 2FA…
My password manager can do TOTP but I can’t seem to set that up… if I want to enable 2FA it asks for a phone number… exactly what I can’t provide…

Yes, that thing is self hosted, which is exactly what I want…

yes, it uses that token generator at Twitch OAuth Token Generator but it first requires a clientID which I get according to the docs from the application section.

2FA is “get a code from this other thing that I have”

That could be a USB key or a phone (with or without a phone number)

2FA is not “give me a code via text message”

Sounds like it needs this to act as a backup

If you don’t have a phone then you are probably out of luck here.

Then since you don’t have your own clientID then you are out of luck really.
Using someone elses clientID is not advised.

Is there any other way to get at that chat? After all the chat it self is public so I shouldn’t even need a token.

It’s just sad, there are rarely any options for privacy aware people.

Chat doesn’t need a token to connect to

This program seems to look up users in the API (probably to get profile pictures). So the problem in this program is not the chat connection but the API usage.

So yes, chat technically doesn’t need a token but the other things this program does will need a token.

:-/ that all sucks… anyway thanks for your help

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