How to get emote URLs by streamer

Is there an API to get the URLs for the emotes for a specific streamer?

The “new API” has no reference to emotes at all ( )
The deprecated “v5 API” seems to only have one call that deals with this, and it gets all URLS to all emotes, which is like, 30MB ( )
There’s a really deprecated “v1 API” I found that may-or-may-not be kept up to date, and it gets badges, not emotes ( )
There’s an independent, 3rd party website specifically for this purpose, that also only lets you get urls if you get the whole global list ( ).

So, what the heck options are there? How do other websites/plugins/apps/etc… do it?

(If you can help, I have a bounty on a stackoverflow question I’d be happy to award you! )

tl;dr: How can I get the URL for the set of emotes associated with a single streamer?

Is correct, there just is no official end point for it really™

wait- what is correct? that “this url gets badges”? Is there an analogous one that gets emotes?

also- what’s twitch’s response to the lack of such an API? They have to be using one internally, so it has to exist. And if they’re rolling out a new API without addressing this- why not?

Gah I brain derped… I’m looking in my code(s) for emotes. I’m sure I have one somewhere…

Alca and I both posted possible solutions on Stackoverflow which I will not crosspost here since they use unsupported endpoints.

In short there is no good[1] fully supported way to provide to query a channel’s emotes given a channel name or ID. I hope this is an area that is improved with Helix.

[1] There is an old v3 endpoint but that does not allow you the option to retrieve image sizes above 28x28.

Ha thats it. I knew it was something obscure…

I need more coffee, or a nap

My cross checked code only preloads badges. I don’t need to preload emotes since $stuff is chat/notification based and both specifiy emote replacements

Are you the owner of Do you have an endpoint to get emotes just by channel? If not: Is your code open source? If so: could I add this endpoint? Or do you just have the single huge response cached and served up rather than actually storing the atoms of data in a db?

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