How to get follower count with the new API


I have been trying to get the follower count from a specific channel with the new API.
It seems that I have to send some headers, I can probably figure out to do this but I am a little lost on the whole process.

It is pretty simple what I want to do: I want to get the follower count of a specific channel with only the channel name. Can someone guide me how to do this?

I found this:
GET“channel ID”/follows

And tried to make do a json_descode to get _total, but visiting the URL I just get the message “No client id specified”.

EDIT: I figured out how to get client ID and send it in cURL. :slight_smile:
I can’t seem to close this though.

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Posts automatically close after no responses for a while. Of course you could mark the solution and how you reached it, so if someone stumbles upon this post it can assist them.

Figured it out - please close topic. :slight_smile:

Stop posting and it will close on it’s own…

And if you solve it yourself, often better to post the answer on the thread so other people can be helped with the same issue…

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