How to get new subscribers while a channel is live

Today I was trying out the EventSub subscriptions and I was quickly able to subscribe to the channel.follow webhook and obtain the stream of new followers of a big live channel.

My objective is now to obtain the stream of new subscribers to a live channel, therefore I tried using the channel.subscribe webhook (which requires the channel:read:subscriptions scope).
So after obtaining a new Oauth token for my own account with the required scope I was able to connect to a webhook for seeing the new subscribers of my channel (anyway, I didn’t receive any notification because I don’t actually stream).

After this brief success, I tried connecting to a new channel.subscribe webhook, specifying the id of a big live channel. But it results that I’m not authorized to do that :frowning:

Does this mean that the scope channel:read:subscriptions allows me only to obtain the stream of new subscription of my own channel?

Is there any way to obtain the stream of new subscriptions of any channel (with my token)?
Or am I limited to only followers of any channels?

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No you require authorization from the broadcaster to use PubSub, eventsub, the subscribers API.

You could connect to chat, but chat gives a incomplete picture of this data

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Thank you for the clarification. I will try to work with the chat then.

But isn’t there a way to obtain at least the total number of subscribers of a channel?
I found out about but it still requires channel:read:subscriptions so I guess I cannot use it for getting the subscribers of any channel :thinking:

Additionally, subscribers are also considered followers? For example, if someone new subscribes will the followers counter increment?

To get the count you would have to iterate all pages and count yourself.
Which will need a token from the broadcaster with the relevant scope attached.

To read Lirik’s subscribers you will need a key and permission from lirik.
To read cohh’s subscribers you will need a key and permission from cohh.

No you can subscribe and not be a follower. They are two different disconnected things.

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