How to get Raid and Host info via API?

Hi, how do I find out when my channel gets raided and hosted using the API? I saw I can connect to IRC and look for a message regarding raids maybe? But Streamlabs somehow do it without idling in my chat with a bot, how do they do it? It’s not in PubSub or EventSub.

Raids are sent to everyone in the chat, whether logged in anonomously or as a real user


Incoming Hosts are very up to speculation, they are only shown to the broadcaster (assuming they are working, often mixed reports), so you need to login to Chat as the broadcaster, but I’m not sure of the event for an incoming host, only an outgoing host. So you can try setting up an IRC reader and logging incoming messages and see what you get

Wait so how does Steamlabs do incoming raid alerts?

By reading USERNOTICE’s sent to the channel, using a bot (which could be connected in read only mode)

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