How to get single channel feed post

Hi guys,

im currently facing some issues with the GET /feed/:channel/posts/:id API node.
I always get

{"error":"Internal Server Error","status":500,"message":"uninitialized constant ChannelFeedAdapter::GetPostReuqest"}

I tried post id 1 (In my understanding the first object)"


The 97683771461252077 is one of my post ids from GET /feed/:channel/posts/ and i have no clue whats wrong :confused: Any ideas? Something broken on API side?

Likely, even if you try and link to a post that is past the first 10 in your list you will get an error.


Mmmmh ok.

I tried a bit with the 10 posts. Looks like you need a min. of 10 posts to get a single post from API. weird :smile:

So can we confirm that as an bug? Should i report it to github?

Seems to be fixed now.

oh yes your right. Looks fixed now. ty m8

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