How to get started on a Twitch bot


I’ve been looking for a long time for a bot that serves all my needs.
Some other streamers and I play this game called Rocksmith with real guitars.
As a perk for the followers, they choose our playlist and we play all the song live.

Now I want to make a new request system for my channel and since that is not available on any bot or software as far as I know.
So I am looking to learn how I can make such bot from scratch.

I know HTML, PHP with MySQL and JSON looks like it is easy looking at w3schools.
I also have access to an uncountable amount of web space on which I would like to run the bot since I have no C++ skills to make a client.

I only have no idea how to make a web server connect with Twitch at all.
Are there any guides/tutorials about this or could anyone help me?

The thing I had in mind is actually a website where people can login with Twitch.
All viewers get a currency every minute of watching.
Using this currency they can go to the website and request a song.
This song starts with a score of 0 which increases by 1 every 5 seconds.
Other viewers can also request or they can pay with their points to give additional points to a song.
This way I will be getting a long playlist but all the good songs that everyone wants to hear are getting filtered and played earlier.

Then maybe later once I found out how to make that system, I will be able to add chat commands as we have with other bots.

You could probably start with a PHP IRC Bot:

Configure and restrict it based on:

Then build a library/functions that will do the additional features you want, and call them when the commands are said in chat. The bot I linked already has some premade triggers built in for examples.

Maybe you could make a PHP Twitch Bot that accepts modules/IF triggers in a basic format, and distribute it. I for one would be interested.

I think you posted in the wrong section…

Anyways, do you have any javascript knowledge? I would recommend Nodejs and the Twitch-IRC package!

i would actually recommend tmi.js at this point

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