How to get stream videoquality?

I checked that it is not in the API,

Can’t check the video quality list even by a workaround?


See the JS function attched to Get Quality as Described on this implementation

Thanks for the reply.

What I use is node.js as a twitch bot.

Therefore, it seems impossible to check the video quality through the player’s information.

What’s your use case for the bot needing to know video quality? Not all users have the same video quality options so even if you were to have your bot render a page and check the quality, that would only tell you what options are available for the bot and not what may be the case for any other users.

My bot has a function to guide live recognition to chat when it goes live.

Then we want to include the graphic quality that the streamer can provide.
Precisely, with transcoding.

Twitch doesn’t provide a method to get this information.

You could potentially get it from the streamers streaming software via whatever plugins/data methods that software supports.

Transcode options aren’t always available the moment a stream goes live, and not all transcode options will be available to all users. So you could get the Source resolution/bitrate from the broadcaster as Barry has suggested, but it’s not possible to get transcode options.

thank you for answering.

Not all users receive transcodes all the time, so the purpose was to let streamers know the status of their services.
Then there is no way.
Thank you.

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