How to get streamer's real "product name" from Twitch api?

Hey, as you may know, there’s a thing which I’ll call streamer’s “product name”, it basically is the username attached to each streamer and is used when you want to buy a subscription for a streamer.

Now, most of the time, streamer’s username and “product name” are the same, but in a case where streamer changes its username ( specially when a partner decides to change its username ), username and “product name” are no longer the same, for example “” and “”,

“eager” is streamer name and “theeager” is “product name”, I wanna know if there’s an api returning this “product name”, I’ve been using “”, but a few days ago it has been removed completely, thanks in advance.

There is not documented endpoint that returns that

Except within some notification payloads iirc

Thanks for replying, which notification payloads are you referring to?

Using GQL is a violation of the Twitch Developer Agreement, so not only should you not be using it at all but you also risk your developer account being terminated, and any legal consequences.

Got it, thanks for mentioning it.


iirc (without checking my logs) webhooks and pubsub do

Edit: it’s also returned by helix

  "data": [
      "broadcaster_id": "123"
      "broadcaster_name": "test_user"
      "is_gift" true,
      "tier": "1000",
      "plan_name": "The Ninjas",
      "user_id": "123",
      "user_name": "snoirf",
  "pagination": {
    "cursor": "xxxx"

From the docs example

Thanks, but I’m looking for an endpoint which would work with application token ( this requires oauth from user with specified scope )

All the documented methods require authorization from the broadcaster since it deals with the actual subscribers subscribing.

So sounds like you need a uservoice to describe your needs and use case

It’s actually an idea I had a few years back pre uservoice

so I went and wrote the uservoice

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