How to get the channel points of a special user using Twitch API

Hello, everyone.
I am building the shopping site using the channel points of Twitch.
To use our website, Let users log in via Twitch.
Let users buy/exchange our rewards using the channel points.

Currently, I am working to get the channel points.
My project is a Laravel project.

Could you please share how to get these using Twitch API if you know about it?.
Please help me.

I could find some source code with Python.

But I don’t know how to use/convert this code to laravel code.

It is not possible to get or manipulate the channel points of a user in any way.

The API allows for an app to create rewards, and manage the state of redemptions by users, but it is not possible for you to in any way interact with a users points.

Also, that link you posted is potentially violating the Twitch Developer agreement, so I suggest you don’t do anything that it is trying to do or you may be liable.

Hi @Dist
Thanks for your fast response.
I am building our website with reference to
Then, how do you think they implement this functionality on their website?

See related thread

This shop may vioalte the rules since bits/cp’s probably can’t be transactioned like this for “real world” products.

Their FAQ covers how their points work

What ways do I have to earn points?
Watch MateoZ live, you earn 1 point every minute. Twitch subscribers will get 5 points every minute, activated when you comment 1 time on streaming.

Participate in the DROPS and DRAWS of points that MateoZ will do when he sees fit.

Buy bits, 1 bit equals 1 point.

There is no usage of Channel Points on this site to my knowledge. They use a custom currency, not Twitch’s

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