How to get the game info playing in VOD?

How to get the game info playing in VOD?

You currently don’t, see Helix Videos API does not return game · Issue #58 · twitchdev/issues · GitHub

Uservoice is a better location rather than the github bug reports.

Since it’s (technically) not a bug

Since we need full chapter data, not the single game a vod has

Current solution is collecting the data live via eventsub, which doesn’t work “well” when you want to grab a random vod for a streamer you don’t already have eventsub subs for

Why should ordinary users remind a large corporation about such simple things and why should a corporation listen to them?

Because any company, regardless of if they are a large corporation, isn’t going to devote time to code and maintain endpoints to provide data unless there are proven use cases for why users need that data. Additionally, UserVoice allows Twitch to see what sort of demand there is for a particular feature request so that they can prioritise discussion/implementation of it accordingly.

And the reason why companies listen, is because we’re their customers. 3rd party developers create tools, infrastructure, alerts, and so much more that increases the value of Twitch and the streamers on the platform. They have an interest in aiding us to build cool stuff that’ll enhance the platform. They may not agree with all feature requests, and even some that they may agree with could simply be too low priority or not technically viable to implement.

You don’t have to use UserVoice, but you’re only harming your own development options on this platform by not showing clear use cases to these features and how they can benefit not just your app but Twitch.

One year earlier, I already said that the KRAKEN API already provided everything necessary for this. However, they have removed almost all of it anyway :man_shrugging:

No, the v5 API did not provide everything necessary for this.

Firstly, there are technological differences between Kraken and Helix behind the scenes, so don’t assume that a data source available in one is equally as accessible in the other.

Secondly, v5 only ever returns the category at the time of the start of the VoD. This means that if a broadcaster changes category during the stream, the v5 API will return the what they started with regardless of how long it was actually used on-stream.

Chapter data has never been available through v5 or Helix, and as I’ve previously stated if there’s a significant demand for those features, show Twitch that. There will be some data sources that may have some overhead on the backend that isn’t justifiable if negligible amount of devs need that data, where as if there’s a substantial 3rd party demand for that data then it may be more viable for Twitch to consider how best to implement it. So please don’t just assume that Twitch should magically know what demand there is/isn’t without 3rd party developers using UserVoice just because Twitch is a ‘large corporation’.

How else do you ask anything for a feature?

You consider it simple.

Others may not.

To me, you don’t want JUST the game that a vod is of.
To me. I want chapters like the website has.

That doesn’t feel simple to me compared to “the game that the vod has at the start and only the start” which is what Kraken has.

I get the feeling kraken isn’t as performant as it could be.

Twitch used to use kraken to run the site. Now it doesn’t, it uses GQL and provides an API for third party devs (helix).

Given this change I get the idea that Kraken is “too expensive” to run in terms of the datamodels and back ground services that exist to collect and provide data.

The old API is old and showing it’s age as Twitch advances. (Similar to how we moved from v3 to v5, where v5 is “ID led” in order to allow Users to change their usernames on Twitch more easily so the API become ID Led to match that)

So you would rather Kraken be left behind as a funamentally broken and inefficent (slow to report/load) thing?

When Kraken is removed that should free up a load of internal stuff that was being used for kraken inefficently to then provide more information and data to Helix efficently.

Or thats what I think.

At the end of the day

No Game data on a VOD in Helix is not a Bug.
Reporting it to the Bug tracker is not the correct thing to do.

It is a feature request for Helix
Therefore the correct place to ask for this is UserVoice.

So I cited the uservoices.

And how else will anyone know what other people want, without the ability to make Feature requests?

It’s so weird. All developers need approximately the same minimum set of functionality. Getting animated preview images, video resolution, video FPS, game information. However, developers now have to explain why they need it :man_shrugging:

The reason you may be finding it weird is because you’re making the wrong assumption that everyone needs those details you just listed. They don’t. Different apps need different pieces of data, and not all of it is valued the same as some things may be essential for a specific use case while others may be nice to have not not essential. Not everyone needs the same things, and nor do they value them the same.

As I mentioned previously, this is not a Twitch specific thing, many companies that have a developer advocacy team that communicate with 3rd party developers usually have something along the lines of UserVoice. If you’re unfamiliar with the industry that’s fine, we’re just trying to make you aware of how it’s done here and if you’d like to see new features the best way to go about it. You don’t have to use UserVoice if the process is too confusing for you to understand, just be aware that Twitch can’t prioritise dev time and resources to features if they don’t have evidence to show demand for the features.

Exactly! All apps are different because they are created for different tasks. That’s why the API should provide the widest possible set of functionality, not just the most popular. Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense.

The more data you bloat API endpoints with the more overhead there will be, and if more internal services have to be used that also adds more delay to the requests. Additionally because the data may come from multiple services internally that could also mean more dev time to develop and maintain those systems. Your train of thought so far seems to think that it magically takes no effort, time, or overhead, to add more data to the API, so I thought I’d try to clear that up a bit.

Because as you yourself agree that different people need different things that just shows that some data will be unused on requests. This is also backed up by how v5 operated where there were fields that were so niche they usage couldn’t justify the overhead added to ALL requests to those endpoints.

And again, this is exactly why UserVoice can be so valuable, so Twitch can see the demand and use cases for adding new features and data and weigh that usage up against the increased overhead, dev time, and maintenance.

Sorry for being “that person”, I’ve got an email about the expiration of Kraken, which got me worried about the lack of the data in the endpoint. Both the game_name (or game_id, for that matter) in the /kraken/videos/:vod_id, and Kraken’s Markers API seem to expire at the migration to Helix. Has there been any change of status since last mentioned, or will my app be inoperable until the UserVoice doubtly gets picked up?

Again my apologies

Other than voting for the UserVoice, there’s nothing more you can do as Helix does not currently support returning game info for VoDs. Even on Kraken it was not particularly useful as it only returned the game at the start of the stream, which could be changed seconds after going live but it’d still be the only game listed so was often incorrect.

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