How to get the game(s) played in a VOD

I am struggling to understand how I can get the game that was played in a VOD.

This is the general command I am using

curl -H ‘Client-ID: MYID’
-X GET ‘

This basically just gives me the first page of vods of a user. The output of each video is a json object that looks something like this.

“id”: “564596791”,
“user_id”: “31723226”,
“user_name”: “CobaltStreak”,
“title”: “\ud83d\udc80Daily + Rando Streak 21-0\ud83d\udc80 FF12 Grinding after!”,
“description”: “”,
“created_at”: “2020-03-09T22:03:51Z”,
“published_at”: “2020-03-09T22:03:51Z”,
“url”: “”,
“thumbnail_url”: “{width}x%{height}.jpg”,
“viewable”: “public”,
“view_count”: 196,
“language”: “en”,
“type”: “archive”,
“duration”: “5h45m36s”

There is no variable (or whatever) that shows the game(s) that were played during a video. There was some support for this in the old API it looks like, but I am not understanding how to do it in the new API.

Thanks in advance.

Short answer: you don’t

Long answer:

Thanks @BarryCarlyon, just checking to make sure I wasn’t crazy. Looks like I am stuck using the old API for this one.

I see you suggestion on github, but has this officially been raised to them as it is kind of a big deal?

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