How to get top game list viewer counts with new API

Not sure if I am blind, but I cant find an endpoint in the new API for top game list, like this

sorted list with games and their view counts.

The only similar I can find is

but it lacks a viewer_count.

Ive noticed this before with the new api, that important information are missing in endpoints, and making it not just complicated but also double api calls, where before single was enough to get needed information.

If you want to get the current viewer counts for games you’d need to use the Get Streams endpoint and add up the counts yourself.

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This is a code example that does exactly that

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That makes zero sense. So if you want to show a simple top games listing for the first 20 top games, you have to do what, spam ~200 API calls to get an “approximation” for one simple information you want to show? Where the v5 API, it was 1 API call?

A top game listing is a simple information which is important, it makes no sense to not include viewer count in that end point. Why should you have to ddos the api just to get a simple important information?

And then if you want to browse through the list, it makes it even worse, for each flip to another 20 games, you have to do another 200 calls, then flip back to refresh, another 200.

Top games end point should include viewer_count for each game.

This sounds like you need to make a feature request to ask Twitch to provide this information “more easily”

or just don’t show the view counts on your product. Or you collect this periodicially in your backend and cache it. So when a user loads your product they load from your cache.

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Thank you. I think there are a couple of other situations in the new API, which makes the usage for no reason more complicated and generate API calls, which shouldn’t be necessary. But in this case, it is the worse I have encountered so far. I am sure Twitch DB has this information cached, and could just include it in the top game endpoint, like V5 API did too.

Perhaps Twitch only wish to provide game developers access to accurate analytical data on their games, and let 3rd parties only have an approximate. Or maybe its for performance reasons. We don’t know.

Also, it’s hardly a ddos, it’s a trivial amount of requests that by design of the pagination system get spread out over a period of time.

Yes its more than v5, but those who need an approx number of streams/viewers can still get it if they choose. If this is too much work for you, feel free to vote for a feature request on UserVoice and explain your use case and why you can’t paginated and sum the results.

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