How to get Twitch Api Token With Client ID

I have the Client ID but I have not clue on how to get a Twitch Api Token with it.

The authentication methods are documented here

I looked at that for like 30 minutes and dont understand it at all can you give me like a summary or just help cuz im lost.

The type of oAuth token needed will depend on the endpoints you wish to call and the data you intend to obtain and the platform you intend to work on

What about like trying to see the percent a drop is at?
or just working with drops in genreal which would i use.

There are no documented API endpoints for use with drops as a viewer for monitoring progress

so theres no way of checking what percent drops are on?

Not via the API no

You either go to the drops page

Or you can check under your profile avatar if “actively scoring time” for a Drop

Will usually appear, here

yea i tried making a webs scraping bot to tell me the progress with selinum python and I couldn’t find a way to return the actual text.

This is in violation of the developer agreement and could see the termination of your Twitch account.

oh i didnt know that

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