How to get Twitch watchtime (like streamelements)

Hey guys,

I am currently on developing a little chatbot. I know, there are like a thousand of them but I would like to create my own, just to have a project - so this is not the point.

I was wondering, how the watchtime of a user could be calculated. Just as does it with their !watchtime chat command. I did not find any API endpoint to get the users, which are currently viewing the stream. The only thing found is the current viewcount in but there is no way to link to a specific user.

I’ve found a few postings, saying it is not possible but streamelements and other bots are proving this wrong, so I wanted to give it a new try.
Anyone has any idea?

There is no API to get Watch Time.

What bots like SE do is the pull the chatters list of the channel periodically and store that in their database and then calculate the watchtime from that.

It’s not watchtime but time in chat

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