How to handle pagination and cursor

Hello, everyone, I read some posts about pagination and cursor but I still have some questions.
I would like to use especially the endpoint: get streams of the new API with query parameter game_id.

  1. how to understand if I have no more results? For example, the cursor will be null or empty or something else?

  2. I see that a result maybe exists on the first page, and then exists in the second because added some streams.
    The new streams how added in this list?
    Is it like a queue added in the end or dynamically everywhere in random positions?

3)If I fetch 20 results on the first page and then I move on to the second page, is it possible on the first page the API to add new results dynamically( which I will have missed because I am on the second page and I will have stored different results from the first page)??

4)By your experience what is the best practise to fetch all the results?
Something like while cursor have value(it is depend on 1. question) or a recursive function or something else?

Thanks in advance!

Correct, null or empty. You may get IA which is an active issue

For want of a better term, it’s a crapshoot.

Yes, use first=100 to get 100 per page instead, may help

Load results, send data to another system, load next page via cursor if valid (not IA and exists) cursor found.

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