How to implement API into c#

I am learning C# now. I am trying to implement some of the API stuff into my bot I am having trouble understanding it. I cannot find any videos showing this.

I have it connecting to the channel. Also how do I respond to the PING requests from twitch so it doesnt get disconnected?

The web API is just a matter of making an HTTP request and parsing the JSON reply. There are frameworks that will let you do that easily like Json.NET and Jil.

Whenever you get a PING from the chat servers, send a PONG back.

Ok thank you 3ventic, I got the pong taken care of. I have been connected for over an hour without any issues. Still working on figuring out the format for the stuff. I do have that installed, just a matter of getting the format together.

A tool like can help you understand how to create the classes required for the json strings.

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