How to know that a streamer uses bots?

Hello everybody. I searched for this kind of threat about 30 minutes. But I didn´t find anything.

I think it is important to know if a streamer uses bots or not. I have some Ideas but i´m not shure if they are right. It would be very helpful if twitch could tell us the best hinds to expose those people.

Best regards

There is no way to know for sure.

And if anyone starts spreading rumours about people using bots to boost views. To which I assume you refer, you’ll only start a witch hunt, or the people making the viewbots will change their bots so they can’t be detected via the published means.

If you believe someone is doing something against Twitch TOS report the stream/user.

In the end using viewbots to boost your stream up a directory does nothing if you don’t put on a good show. And if your show is good then you wouldn’t need the bots in the first place.

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