How to know when a user resubscribes?

Hi, I have been using the eventusb channel.subscribe subscription to get a notification when a user subscribes to a specific channel, however I just recently noted that I don’t get a notification when a resubscription happens, is there a way to get a notification when a sub is renewed?

Only if the user shares their resubscription in chat, on the channel.subscription.message topic.

If a user stays a sub and doesn’t share it in chat, then you get no message/notification for this.

Just another question then, do resubs happen every exact amount of days (e.g. 30?) in that case would it be possible to keep a timer and if a channel.subscription.end notification doesn´t happen then we could assume that a resub has happen I think?

Your problem there is that not all subs will share their resub.
So you might not get a resub message at all.

So using a timer isn’t a good idea since not all users share their resub.

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