How to know who are coming in the chat?


I would like to know who are coming in the chat, their nickname. Because when you have 5 viewers who are saying nothing you can speak to them and call their name to say “hello welcome to my stream !”

Thank you !


You can use IRC clients like mIRC, HexChat and more.
Some people like to use Chatty as well, because it is really easy to use!

I have you warn you though that the userlist (as in joins/parts) in Twitch Chat are not very well suited for greeting people as they join. Joins can be delayed by quite a bit, so by the time you think they joined, they may have already left (add stream delay to that and you may be greeting them a minute after they joined).

In addition, people are sometimes shown as having left even though they are still there. You should take the userlist and joins/parts only as a rough indication of who is there.

Similarly, many people like remaining anonymous while they get the feel for your stream and if they want to stick around. A verbal greeting usually doesn’t push them to stay.

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