How to make bot useable to multiple streamers

I am new to developing twitch chat bots. and am developing a bot that will allow viewers to run a trigger command to access the last song played by a streamer from an external music platform. The song data is accessible via API or webscrape, so in my current iteration of my both I just hard code the URL of where my data is coming from, but I would ultimately like to expand this bot to any user that would be interested in using it, ideally without them having to clone my repository and just run in themselves. Is there existing infrastructure out there to 1. allow a streamer to invite a bot to their chat. and 2. Have the streamer provide custom information to the bot so I can have the streamer pass the necessary URL to the bot to acquire desired data.

then just setup your bot so it can be added/joined to any channel.

You didn’t really ask a question.

So theres nothing to answer

Is there a way to have each streamer provide a URL to the bot that will only be connected to their stream? Streamer A provides a link that the bot only uses on commands from Streamer A’s chat, etc.

Sure it’s your bot program it how you see fit

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