How to prevent my chatbot from being banned? (twitch banned)

Today I started playing with IRC and twitch API. I created a simple bot that creates a clip when a given amount of last chat messages contains some string (in theory it should create a clip when something interesting happened and people are spamming ‘xD’ ‘pog’ etc.). Then the bot sends a chat message with a link to the created clip.

Everything was working rather smoothly, but I’ve just received information that my bot’s account and my normal account (where I have my apps pinned) were permanently banned. How should I avoid it in the future? Should I report somewhere that my bot’s account is a bot’s account?

I will be thankful for any information or sources.


if your account has been banned from Twitch and you cannot login to said account(s) at all.

Then you should have an email from Twitch with instructions and/or information on the nature of the ban and how to appeal.

For account bans we can’t help on the forum you need a support ticket.

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The ban reason is that ‘the account is automated or maintained by a bot’. However, I think it is expected that a chatbot is maintained by a bot. Even the IRC’s documentation says that I can use my personal account or create a new one, specifically for the bot.
Are there any additional steps that can indicate that a given account is a bot so it won’t be banned for such reason? I am thinking about something like a bot’s registration page or something like that, dunno.

If that is not a question for the forum then sorry, I will raise a support ticket.

Beyond the scope of the forum.

Would seem like you might have done something in a channel that you were not authorised to by the broadcaster and netted some reports perhaps.

But yeah you’ll need some support ticketage!

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Ok, I will go for a support ticket then.

Thank you!

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