How to read chat comments on someone else's live stream video?

I am trying to build a small application in which users can input a channel id and see some metrics based on the chat of a live video. My specific question is, Is there a reference in the API or a way to use IRC API to read chat messages for a given channel or id?

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You would have to connect to chat via IRC and read and store messages in real time.

There is no historical data api’s available for chat.

You can’t get that via IRC, but “chat replay” is available for VODs in the v5 API. I don’t think it’s available in Helix yet though. Here’s an example of downloading all chat and saving it into a JSON file:

Be aware that the chat replay might include messages that were added to the VOD itself, and will not include any messages that were purged as a result of moderator action.

Chat replay is an undocumented unsupported end point and ought not to be used by third parties

Oh. Thanks for that info. :expressionless: It’d be well worth having an actual supported way to do this; are there any plans?

There is nothing in the road map at this time

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