How to reply to whispers with bot

Hi, I’m trying to understand how a bot (not verified) can reply to a whisper from a user.
I understand, after some reading in this forum, that bots can’t send whispers to users unless it is a reply.
So my question is, how can I reply to a whisper? Is there an additional argument I have to add such as @reply-parent-msg-id for usual PRIVMSG?

I have tried different combinations such as f"PRIVMSG {user} :/w {user} {text}" or f"PRIVMSG #{channel} :{user} {text}" but I haven’t managed to make this work.
As a result, I’m only receiving a NOTICE: “Your settings prevent you from sending this whisper”

Am I doing this wrong? Can you help?

There’s no reliable way for bots to send whispers.

It doesn’t matter if its a normal account or a known/verified bot, it will still run into issues frequently.

Sending a whisper to a user who has whispered you first may help, or it may not. Twitch doesn’t disclose the specifics of its anti-spam measures so a lot of the information is just observations from people over the years.

tl;dr it’s not worth your time trying to get a bot to use whispers.

Yes, I understand that and indeed I was already trying to find a different solution to what I’m trying to do with my bot.
However, out of curiosity. Was I doing something wrong trying to send those PRIVMSG commands? Is there a way of replying in principle using some specific tags?

Your call looks correct

No as the whispers system isn’t designed with bots in mind and thus doesn’t work well with bots

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