How to resolve 'missing response type'?

I have already placede response_type in my code, but it remain shows {‘status’: 400, ‘message’: ‘missing response type’}. I want to ask for help.

My code is here.

 headers = {
        'client_id': '33v0dtfv6ymq77ygd18xcdjqhec57k',
        'redirect_uri': 'http://localhost',
        'response_type': 'token',
        'scope': 'analytics:read:extensions',
    response = requests.get('',
                            proxies=proxies, headers=headers)

Authorization calls are POST data or QUERY params.

Step one of oAuth is QUERY params and a redirect to Twitch.


  • don’t use headers
  • it needs to be a <a href and redirect the user to Twitch to grant the connection

Thank you! I got it. And I have another question. I want to ask if there is a frequency limit when I use the API?

The same endpoint/parameter set shouldn’t be called quicker than once per minute.

The general rate limit is described here

Refer to the headers on a response to find the current limit on 800 points

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