How to return subscribers in order (Helix API)

I am currently in the process of migrating the Subscribers endpoint V3 (kraken) to the new Helix endpoint.
Old Kraken endpoint:
New Helix endpoint:

I am noticing several differences / missing information in the newer version and I am looking for some guidance.

1.Using the new Helix API, how can I return subscribers in the order they have subscribed?
The old version of the subscribers endpoint had a ?direction=asc|desc query string parameter, allowing you to get the results back in ascending/descending order. The new version does not have this query string parameter and appears to return results back in a random order.

I’ve found that the Helix endpoint does seem to support using the parameter ?first=#, however this also returns the results in a random order. If you pass in ?first=1 this is the only time it will consistently return the most recent subscriber.

2. Using the new Helix API, how do I get the total number of subscribers?
The old endpoint returned a _total value in the response.
The new endpoint just returns the array in pages of 100 with a pagination cursor.

Is it expected that we hit this endpoint multiple times with the cursor and add them up on our own?

  1. Currently you don’t
  2. You iterate all pages and math it yourself

Helix doesn’t present this data. And we are not sure if it will.

Migrate to V5 doesn’t mean stop using kraken.

you can keep using kraken just add a new header Accept: application/vnd.twitchtv.v5+json

and is advised to add “api_version=5” to yours link see here why