How to run a commercial as mod?

hello, is there a way that a mod can run a commercial with /commercial? because at the moment the mod don’t have permissions :confused:

The /commercial command is reserved for partnered broadcasters and their nominated editors. If a broadcaster would like to give this ability to their moderators, rather than giving them editorial permissions, they can add a chat moderation bot as an editor and allow moderators to perform the command via said bot.

I know. he is a partner. how can he make a mod as editor that the mod can use it?

Broadcasters can add editors from the “Editing” tab in their dashboard. This will, however, also give the user access to other things like the ability to manage their videos which they may not necessarily want to do. Alternatively, bots such as Moobot and Nightbot have commands built in these days that allow moderators to perform some editor actions like running commercials.

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