How to scraping all Twitch game information

How can get info such as “How much time each game was streamed for a span of time?”

Twitch existing API endpoints available :

  1. Get game analytics - It only gets info about user firing the query and not the other users game info.
  2. get top games - gets list of all top games.

I couldn’t find an endpoint that can get all the game information and their stream duration. But there are multiple websites having that data

example :

Well thats an endpoint for game developers to get their own game analytics data that they own.

There isn’t one

They “spam” the API with requests and then collate the data into their own database and determiner their own conclusions.

There are no “historical” endpoints that API users can call (unless you are a game dev)
So they “spam” “Get Streams” periodicailly and do the math themseleves.

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How can get information like, if game is console based or not? @BarryCarlyon

Twitch doesn’t provide that information, you will need to find another source of information for game data such as IGDB: IGDB API docs

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IGDB has limited information. How to get data such as streaming time of game?@BarryCarlyon

If you’re the games developer, use the Get Game Analytics endpoint, or if you’re not the games developer you would need to periodically poll the Get Streams endpoint to track how many streams there are for a game, and how long they’ve been streaming.

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You asked about if a game is on console or not.

Not about stream time.

So I answered matching your question

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