How to see active vips in the chat

Is there any way to know which vips are active on the channel? The only one I tried was for the active mods which is this ${$(urlfetch json$(channel)/chatters).chatters.moderators.join(, )}`;)

it’s vips instead of moderators.

But this just means they are connected to chat, not really “active”

Depends on yoru critera for “active”

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Yes, change the moderators text to vips but I don’t take it, is there any way to make it active?

You are calling the “chatters” endpoint

That tells you know is “connected” to chat

if that qualifies to you as “active” then that works for you.

To me an “active” member of chat is sending a message to chat, and if they send a message to chat I can read their chat badges and see if they are a VIP.

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I’m going to try it, thank you very much