How to send a chat message to twitch?

Is there a way to send a chat message to certain channel without using embed chat or irc?
I develop a android app and want to send chat message from my app to twitch
I try to embed chat using official embed official, I loading the chat html with webview, but it seems impossible to login.

I try to find a irc library but there seems to be no suitable one.

so, is there a simple way to send a chat message to certain channel ?

The documentation at

Covers how to embed chat

And the documentation at

Covers IRC connectivity documentation

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I don’t know IRC very well and I have a question.
If i want to know the chat room settings(e.g. followers-only / subs-only) , what should I send to the server? I read the documentation at offical irc document and It confuses me. Like below:

It’s mean that I should send the below msg to check whether the chat room is subs-only?


Your application tells the IRC server which capabilities it supports. You’ll need (enables the additional data on commands) and (Twitch’s set of custom commands).

You can enable these capabilities using CAP REQ:


When you start listening to messages on a channel using JOIN, and every time after that chat room settings are changed, you will receive a ROOMSTATE message. Parse the information you’re interested in from these messages.

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