How to send Go Live notification via Twitch API?

I’m working on a video creation and streaming platform. We are enabling our users to run live streams on Twitch using its API.

We’ve found ways to send different metadata fields but are stuck with the “Go Live notification” part.

Can anyone please suggest a way or the exact parameter through which our users can send the Go Live notification as soon as their stream goes live on Twitch?

It’s a bit urgent and I’d really appreciate any help from your side.

Thanks in advance!

Thats not possible.

Twitch controls the go live notification and will send it to users when Twitch has confirmed the stream is up and stable.

There is no API to manage the “text” of the go live notification. See also

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Thanks a ton for your assistance!

Really look forward to be able to do that sometime in the future.

Apart from it, we’ve enabled our users to set the title, category/game, tags, and language fields for the Twitch streams they run using our platform.

I hope all of them are supported via Twitch API and there aren’t any constraints to that.

Let me know if there are any.

Covers the supported fields you can update.

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Thanks a ton for your prompt help @BarryCarlyon!

One more thing…

If a user’s stream stops unexpectedly due to any possible error, then how much time after the last packet is sent will Twitch end the live stream?

So, I’m talking about a case when an error occurs and our tool is unable to send a stream to Twitch for some time.
Then, will Twitch end the stream immediately or wait for a specified time before ending the stream on Twitch?

Someone told me that Twitch waits for 10 minutes since the time when the last packet was received before ending the stream automatically from their side.

Would be great if you could help me with it.

Thanks in advance!

Errr no

If disconnect protection is off, it insta dies, otherwise you get 90 seconds to reconnect before video shuts down

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Actually, my team is currently trying to figure out a way to send stream tags using Twitch’s API but we’re receiving a 403 error.
Isn’t there a way to send Twitch stream tags via API?

That was on the second reference link I posted

If you refer to the Body for the response it’ll tell what the problem is. The HTTP error code is no good on it’s own

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