How to tell when iOS testing permission is granted?

I have an extension that I’ve been holding off on promoting, because it hasn’t been approved for use on iOS yet. Because I don’t have an Android phone, I have no way of testing on mobile, since the Twitch app doesn’t seem to allow login in the Android emulator.

The whole process was pretty unclear – how do we find out when our extension is approved for iOS or not? Is it via e-mail, via the Twitch app or website, or by opening the extension on an iPhone and seeing it appear?

Regular extension approval took over 3 weeks – iOS approval has taken about the same amount of time, so far. Once I finally get approval, I will, in all likelihood, have to debug and re-submit a new version, which might be another 3 weeks for approval.

(I was hoping to have my extension fully released around the time of a real life event. It looks like a couple months might not have been enough leeway)

Last time for me it was email.

Review times are somewhat still up in the air as the team gets back on track but things are still in flux

Thank you, I understand that this delay has little to do with the remaining Twitch review staff. (Perhaps it is snowing at high altitudes in San Francisco)

I would like to point out to that individual, board, or committee (aka scream into the void) that around a week is considered a reasonable review time for an app submitted to a Big Five company or subsidiary. Two weeks is about the limit of what is considered reasonable. I could not imagine an iOS App Store app or Chrome browser extension, for instance, taking more than a few days for review (much less pausing reviews for months). I would assume that most extension developers are also professional software developers and would be aware of this.

The review time for other apps, or other services, doesn’t really factor in to things. Other companies will do what’s best for their needs, developers, and users, and Twitch will do what’s best for its needs, developers, and users. Maybe it’ll result in a better than previous reviewer time (it used to be 2 to 12 working days) now that things are recovering from the layoffs, maybe it wont, we don’t currently know yet as no SLA has been announced.

A significant portion, if not the majority, of Extension developers are hobby developers. Many even used Twitch Extensions as their first steps into learning to code.

Thanks, I appreciate the work that you and the rest of the Twitch technical staff have been doing to resolve the backlog and get review times back down in this difficult situation. 2-12 days sounds wonderful, I’m looking forward to that!

Today we announced that, beginning July 9th, being a member of the Apple Developer Program will no longer be a requirement of having an Extension on iOS.

For more information see our announcement:

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