How to unmute clips on load?

When you visit a link for a clip, it is automatically muted and you have to tap or click the clip to unmute it.

Is there a parameter you can pass with the embed link to have the clip unmuted when it first loads?


The “browser interaction score” is what is causing the muting.

One such policy is:

Ok, it would be great to have a parameter to disable muting.

Do you have any other suggestions how I can link to or display a Twitch Clip from an iOS app and have the sound start when it plays?

None due to the afor mentioned browser interaction score. The player can’t do it if the browser blocks it and the player doesn’t always get a notification that audio was blocked.

The player will generally inherit the last setting that the browser knows about. You the developer do not have much control due to the browser interactions on rich media/audio now.

The only way round this browser block is to compile your own browser, which is why OBS Browser Source doesn’t have this issue, the block is not enabled. You can’t do this on iOS. So you are stuck with what the iOS App platform allows, and generally you can’t override the operating system/browser setting. Most things on iOS requires the user to interact directly with the content.

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