How to use the api in website integration?

Hi, i’m pretty noob to coding and api…i want to learn. English is not my first language french is it…( but im reading pretty easilly english at some point…) I have a wordpress website and in want to integrate in the header or the body ( i dont already know where exatly, im checking for it) i dont want to use an plugin because those i watched are expired and dont look to work anymore, so i want do to it myself by manually creating the necessary) I’ve created the website integration api app, and now what should i do? should i put my website domain in the url redirection auth? or just put localhost?

Which code should i add to the right part of my webpage code? Which programmation language should i use with api? php, html, js? do you have any tutorial available you recommand for this type of easy task want to do? Thanks in advance…

Well since this is for WordPress, you probably want PHP.

And with WordPress it comes with some “helper” functions like wp_remote_request so you’d likely use that.

For a website integration you would likely use a “server to server” token also called “client_credentials” Getting OAuth Access Tokens | Twitch Developers

Since this is for WordPress theres a bunch of ways you could do it. so you’d be looking at some WordPress tutorials on how to make API calls, and then slot it into your WordPress site where you think it makes sence, since it could be a plugin or modification to a theme.

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