How to view VOD Data

i am trying to work out how to get data about a VOD specifically the start time. I have read a few links about using the API but i am still clueless as ever. How do i go about doing this ?


If you have already read the API docs then you have all you need.

You perform a HTTP request to the API to fetch the JSON response and that contains the information you are after.

How you do that, depends on how your language of choice performs HTTP/cURL requests.

Without API how can i access it?

This data is only in the API

Thanks for your response but you lost me at “you perform a HTTP request”.
As an example if say i wanted to find the data for this VOD , i was told by some else to request to: but when i do that it comes up as {“error”:“Unauthorized”,“status”:401,“message”:“Must provide a valid Client-ID or OAuth token”} .
If there are any dumbed down instructions somewhere that would be great.


Then you need a Client ID as documented

And the docs here

Describe how to perform the HTTP request/example request using cURL

alright i did some things and came up with this
its one big lump of text not like how the example shows. Also i tried it on a another VOD that i knew the start time of and the time it shows is off by an hour

Start time is the time in UTC aka +0 hours

The UK is in +1 (for summer time) for example

The example shows the basic data.

The one you linked shows additional data such as additional thumbnails that were generated. This output needs to be JSON parsed before it can be used.

Makes sense. Is parsing it something easy to do ? i ran it on Git Bash if that helps.



Just running curl will spit out the response, and you are not doing anything with the data programtically.

Yeah true i’m not really doing anything with the data atm, i did find this site which does the job.

Well thanks for your help :+1:

oh! i think we can access it without an API file

hey whats the update and the progress of data atm?


  1. Corrected your quote, you seem to have changed the first URL to another
  2. As noted the creation date created_at or published_at is only available in the API

Helix provides this in the JSON response

The webpage for the VOD doesn’t clearly state this data


Finally @Halilc

Turns out I linked to the V5 Kraken docs, hence you got a way longer/different response

You may want to consider the new Helix end point

Which is what you referred to in your original post. I pulled the wrong docs for you!

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