How would I get the view count for a given stream?

I used to have a simple userscript to fetch the current view count for my stream, but now I’m just getting “Bad Request” errors from

I don’t really know where to even start with the new api, it seems much more complicated than what I was using before.

Edit: I found but I don’t understand what exactly I’m supposed to put in the OAuth section.

Are you sending proper Client-Id and Accept headers? Those missing is usually the cause for the requests failing.

Where would I get the client id?

From the details of your registered app at

If you haven’t registered an app yet, you can also create one there, it’s just a few clicks.

Ah yea that’s the page I found before, it wants an oauth url of some sort, I’ve got no clue what to put there

If you are not doing anything oAuth-y and just need a clientID put:


Which is suggests to in the help text under that field iirc

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