HTML5 Embedded player?

I have a website that heavily uses embedded twitch videos and I would really like it to be mobile friendly so that my users can watch embedded videos on their phones / tablets.

Is there any way to do this or is the flash player the only option.

As a side note, I cannot get the flash player to work in IE 10 either, anyone else having this issue?



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Also, it would be important to me that the player be available over https.

You can embed our HTML5 player by appending /hls to a channel url, e.g. Even though this is an HTML5 player, there are some caveats that will likely not make the player as easily compatible as it seems. Specifically we only are using HLS with a .m3u8 playlist which isn’t supported on a number of different platforms.

Unfortunately we don’t have this over HTTPS yet, but we do serve our flash player over HTTPS.

Thanks for the info!

Will it work on android chrome / iOS safari? That is my #1 goal.

Will it be available over HTTPS any time soon?

Android is weird in that it will not work on Android Chrome but will work in the stock Android browser (well, previous stock Android browser now that Chrome is the stock browser). It’ll also work on all Safari browsers.

HTTPS HTML5 player is in the plans, but no ETA and probably not that soon.

okay I guess I’ll just wait until you get around to the HTML5 https player, thanks.

Guys, i have a question. It’s working right now?

I ask because i have “Unsupported player” on Chrome, Firefox. On Internet Explorer (Windows 8) i have stream keyframe image but there is still Unknown Error and Unsupported player.

I’m creating website full in html5 so i want to have smooth player.

HLS desktop support is severely lacking. I do not believe there is any Windows based browser that is capable of playing it natively. OS X Safari, iOS and some Android browsers, as noted above, are the only ones I’m aware of that work.

Can we get an update on this?
I have yet to find a browser that DOES work with /hls
I’ve testing desktop chrome stable with all the user agents I could come up with.

In some situations the ads load, but streams do not

note that as of android 4.4 flash support is 100% gone

Android claims to have improved support for HLS but that’s still up in the air (considering the numerous active bug reports on

As far as I’m aware the only browsers that work are Safari on Mac and iOS, Chrome on iOS (possibly other iOS browsers too), and the Android browser (not Chrome).


Is there any improvements since your last post ?

I need to embed a Twitch HTML5 player in a website (mobile & desktop). Since HLS is not supported in Chrome mobile I have to find a way to do this.



I’m using Safari on OS X.
When I visit /hls page, I get an “Origin is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin.” error on AJAX request to, followed by a black screen and no video. So I have to copy the failing url into supporting player (i.e. Quicktime) to actually watch the stream.
Do anyone happen to know when this is going to be fixed?


It looks like Google is wary to support HLS and is supporting WebM / DASH specifications for HTML5 video and streaming respectively.

Is twitch going to support a DASH solution? Or is has it decided solely on supporting Apple’s HLS standard?

I would love to move away from a flash solution for twitch desktop browser streaming, but HLS really isn’t an option right now.

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So there is really no way to stream from mobile HTML5 atm? I’m quite shocked by this. How do people deal with streaming in their mobile apps? Any ideas would be welcome.

On a side note. Its strange to have an API dedicated to a streaming site, but with very little support to actually stream.

Hmm this recently broke, did you guys mess with it… getting REQUEST URI not found in the JS code :confused:

I use HTML5 player like this

…iframe frameborder=“0” scrolling=“no” src=“” autoplay=“autoplay” height=“500” width=“350” >

how could I add autoplay attribute, is doesnt work

so when we can add Twitch HTML5 player on our websites?

<iframe height="378" width="620" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" src=""></iframe>

This will embed both HTML5 and Flash, as appropriate

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in this player - autoplay is always on
how it can be disable?

Dear Twitch-Team,
it’s now more than a year, since you stated HTML5 will come in a few months. The /hls-method is working in only at a fraction of browser.
Regarding the last 2 weeks and the discovered critical security issues with the Adobe Flash Player, it’s now really time, to offer your visitors a working HTML5-alternative, even though it might be in beta-mode.

Flash is an internet-relict of great antiquity. Its time is over. Yours not. Get with the time. Youtube now offers HTML5-support by default.