HTTP 400 errors when calling follow endpoint

When attempting to follow a user using the api, I sometimes get a 400 error. Here’s the response:

{:body=>{"error"=>"Bad Request", "status"=>400, "message"=>"Requests must be made over SSL"}, :response=>400}

Some Googling seems to suggest that this is a rate-limit issue. Looking at the ruby gem I’m using, it’s only ever using https ( Perhaps there’s some strange redirects going on in some edge cases? This has happened 204 times in total (for 63 different users).

There are no rate limits as long as you specify a client id with requests.

This sounds more like a bug to me. Is there a certain timeframe of when these errors frequent? It may be possible this API goes awry when the rest of it is acting up due to load issues.

It seems to happen when we get bursts of follow requests but that might just be a coincidence. It’s happening quite regularly. Anything I could test to figure this out?