HTTP GET Request authentication required?

Hello all!
This is going to be my first real forte in utilizing an api to do an action.
What I want to do on my webpage is check some channels of known members of my community to see if they are live. If user is live I want to display their stream on the homepage of my website, if multiple users are live, I want to look at the viewer count and display the streamer with the highest view count as a video pane and below that I want to have link or a drop down to show off the other channels ( I haven’t quite figured out what I want to do for that yet. )
My question for you all is do I need an API token / oauth token to perform simple get requests?

You require as a minimum a Client ID.

If you obtain an App Access Token, you will benefit from a higher request rate.

You do not require a User token for what you have described

Perfect thanks for the info!

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