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I’m trying to subscribe to the followers topic webhook for user 51375532. I obtained this ID via helix, which I found in the New Twitch API, however I’m receiving an error stating the topic is not supported.

This is the exact code used, for reference, although I’ve tested this elsewhere and had the same result so I can confirm my code is working as intended.

It’s responding with
{"error":"Bad Request","message":"hub.topic unsupported topic","status":400}

Any thoughts as to why? I copied the template hub.topic exactly. Is the follows topic no longer supported?
Thanks in advanced.

I was unanble to copy paste your topic as it was in a image.

Your topic is wrong.

it should be:

For reference

Topic: User Follows

Notifies when a follows event occurs. The response mimics the Get Users Follows endpoint.

hub.topic URL

Required Query String Parameters

The first parameter must be specified, along with from_id and/or to_id .

Name Type Description
first int Must be 1.
from_id int Specifies the user who starts following someone.
to_id int Specifies the user who has a new follower.

Example hub.topic URLs

  • User 1336 follows someone:
  • User 1337 has a new follower:
  • User 1336 follows user 1337:
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Thank you very much. Out of curiosity, what does that variable do? I assumed it was something that I now realize would not work in this context.

First returns the first x followers.

The webhook can only return 1 follower, but the webhook must subscribe to a topic that results in valid helix data. So the topic is a normal/valid helix/valid url as well

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