Huge delay with TMI channel hosts query

Before the channel page overhaul last week, the /hosts endpoint on TMI was fairly instant with updating, but now it’s delayed by around 20 minutes. Has anyone else noticed this? Is it another caching issue like the one that caused the problem back in March?

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It seemed fine a couple of days ago, but, yes, today I attempted to unhost from a test I ran a couple of days ago, it has been over 20 minutes and that data has not still cleared from the returned payload.

[EDIT] After 30 minutes, the change was noted in the payload.

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I observed this at TwitchCon and showed it to a relevant staff member.

As it was effecting chat notifications too…


I haven’t seen any delays in the chat notifications, at least those that I see while streaming. That’s why I noticed it.

I’m having the same issue, host notifications are coming in 30 mins later through TMI :confused:

Tonight was a bit of an improvement, at least in my case… only 10-15 minutes delayed.

Yea same here. How long does it usually take for them to address these types of issues?

The thing about TMI is it is an unsupported API. Myself and a few other folks reported a similar issue a few months back and I seem to think it took a couple of weeks before it was resolved and had a few hiccups in between. Dallas helped with that before but I believe he is on vacation for a couple of weeks.

Yeah, I remember seeing that report when I was searching to see if anyone else had reported it this time. That’s why I asked if it was another caching issue like before.

As for it being an unsupported API, one would think that as much as it’s used they would create an officially supported API that provides the same information.

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Checking in on this, still seeing about a 20 minute delay:

illusion% while (( 1 )); do date; curl\&target=90595045; echo ""; sleep 30; done
Wed Oct 19 09:43:29 MDT 2016
Wed Oct 19 09:43:59 MDT 2016
Wed Oct 19 10:03:44 MDT 2016
Wed Oct 19 10:04:15 MDT 2016

Bumpp bump bump it upp

This is an unsupported API. I’ll check with the team, but this might be intended. Back with you as soon as I can!


Found a workaround that works for me, at least. I was using it for my bot, so now I have a second IRC connection that logs in as me, and watches for host notification messages. It doesn’t help for tracking how long someone has hosted me, but at least allows for notifications when someone starts.

As much as this unsupported API is used, though, there should really be a supported way to get the same information, whether it’s a REST endpoint or a PubSub topic.

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I would love to see this in a PubSub topic too. Or if channel editors could get the host message as well.

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