Hype Chat Endpoint?

Is there an API endpoint for hype chats? I see tmi has information like ‘pinned-chat-paid-amount’ but that only includes the currency it is sent in. As a broadcaster/mod you can see the converted amount to a single currency (USD I assume) in the activity feed so is this information available in an event or through API?

There currently is no API or Eventsub support for hype chat. Just chat

Uservoices have been created requesting API and EventSub. So please check and upvote the relevant uservoices (I can’t easily go fetch them for you I’m on mobile)

The chat data should have the original currency as well as the converted to US values (but I can’t get you a sample/the tag names right now I’m on a train coming back from TwitchCon Paris)

This is some of the data I found which doesn’t seem to include the conversion…


Ah yes.

(Ony a better train for internet now)

Checking my samples, chat doesn’t get the conversion data.

I doubt the’d add that to chat, since chat only draws the users paid in currency, so the “extra” data isn’t needed in chat.

If you need the US values you’ll have to wait till Twitch gives us some “proper” API rather than just chat.

Just make sure to add a comment to my uservoice about the currency conversion notes.

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