I am unable to mute/unmute video/clips in twitch preview


Riya here. I am using twitch feature in my project. I want to provide mute/unmute feature in twitch preview. where user can select whether to mute sound or allow sound in its preview.

And I am using non-interactive iframe in twitch embed in my product. Where I am appending “muted=true” parameter to mute audio and “muted=false” to unmute audio in twitch tv URL as below.

But it’s not working for me.
Sometimes it gets muted with “muted=true” paramter but after that it always remain mute even after I append “muted=false” or remove muted prop from URL

Please please help and suggest solution.Thanks!

As explained on Discord, if it is the browser that is forcing the media to be muted, you can not override that behaviour, and the media will remain muted until the user themselves unmutes.

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