I can NOT delete past broadcasts?

Started streaming this week and had some “Past Broadcasts” that I Highlighted and like to delete. Except if I click delete and the confirm button after it doesn’t, however the green bar pops up saying “Your video is succesfully deleted”
I made a (low quality) video of the happening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCwCqwTKQNI
I hope I’m doing something wrong and there’s an easy solution.
EDIT: Tried different browser, relog, restart PC, laptop, change settings AND I deleted other past broadcasts before these three! *

Thanks in advance,


Last I heard if a highlight of it exists you can’t delete the broadcast. But I don’t know if this is true under the newer highlighting methods/system. And if it’s not it was forgotten to be fixed/changed.

thanks! that would make sense yes. I hope they fix it cuz its kinda pointless to have both:’)

It used to be that highlights were not stored separately but snipped from the old broadcast at play time (or something like that) so if you delete the broadcast boom went the highlight. shrug

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