I Cannot Create A Project

I am new to twitch development, and I am trying to create my first extension. I am having an issue where whenever I try and create an extension on the developer console, it prompts me to type in a name. Once I do so I return to the console page that lists all extensions. I do not see the pages that are supposed to follow where I enter information about the extension. It shows the extension in the list, but neither the manage button or analytics button do anything. If I try to create the project in the Developer Rig I get an error that states the name is already taken for any name I type in. Once I get this error, my project appears in the list of my extensions, but once again I cannot do anything with it. I have video recording of this happening, but I cannot attach it to this thread. Email me at for the videos if you want to help me solve this problem. Thank you all for the help.

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There is a “bug” where with creating an extension in the Rig it doesn’t complete

So this sounds like you have create an extension but it has no versions.
So add a version to a created a extension.

this was second reported on Discord and a github filed

Everything seems to be working as intended. Thank you for the help