I can't apply for Twitch Api integration

I filled out the application and clicked submit an application, and nothing happened, the captcha was just reset and that’s it, I waited 1 month and tried again, nothing changed, what should I do?

You tried to use a name already taken or reserved (like you cannot use twitch in the name)
And app creation currently doesn’t surface naming errors

Reported and awaiting fix as 831:

I think it’s because of this banner that you can see on the top of the page (It’s been there for a few weeks and I’m not able to create a new API too), I wonder when they’re going to remove it…

That banner is not related to the issue in this thread. If you read the Github issue that Barry linked that explains what the issue is, and how to fix it (eg, if you can’t create an app it’s very likely you’re using a reserved word such as “Twitch” in the app name, the name already exists, or you haven’t selected a category, as all of those don’t show an appropriate error to the user).

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Thank you for your reply!
I thought that OP had my same issue and Barry replied to him with something not related.
Honestly, I still don’t see the connection of that reply with the original post, OP is speaking about applying for an application and when I go to Twitch Developers I have the same captcha that resets and nothig happens (and it’s been like this for months).

If it resets and nothing happens that’s usually indicative of what has already been said. You are attempting to use a name for your app that is not valid, eg it contains a reserved word like “Twitch”, the name is already in use (app names have to be globally unique), you haven’t selected a category. One other cause of what you describe may be due to an unsupported browser, as some such as Brave have known issues.

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Oh my god, I feel so stupid now for waiting for weeks for that banner to disappear!

I thought the name had to be unique for my apps (and it was since I had none), I added some random strings to the app name and it worked!
Thank you so much!

“Apply for an application” is the same as “using the developer console” to get a clientID.

I suspect OP has a language barrier or misworded the question.

So app creation and appling for a client ID are the same thing.
Since it’s just a Web Form and you get keys as long as you satisfy the criteria

The banner pertians to extension review (and other specialist things).

When you are creating an extension or a clientID thats free access, just populate the form and go.

You only need extension review to publish an extension to the world.

So it’s the same thing just worded in different ways